STRATEGY 2018–2020

The Supervisory Board of Bank Saint Petersburg approved the Bank’s Strategy for 2018–2020 on February 1, 2018.

Then adopted strategy sets out the following main strategic goals: to achieve sustainable ROAE of 15%+ while remaining among the Top 20 Russian banks in terms of assets and increase transaction revenues by 50%.

On July 31st, 2019, the Bank’s Supervisory Board approved amendments to the Bank’s Strategy 2018-2020.

This document sets the following additional strategic priorities:

  • to become the best private bank for corporates in the regions of operation;
  • to become one of the leaders in terms of online sales and operations, while maintaining a position of the most efficient digital classic Russian bank;
  • to become one of the leaders on the EXIM market;
  • to become the Bank of two capitals.

The Bank aims to be…

Key Strategic Issues

Capital Management Strategy:

  • Profit is the main source of capital growth;
  • No plans for share issues;
  • According to the Dividend Policy, the Bank intends to pay dividends of at least 20% of IFRS net profit;
  • The Bank does not intend to retain excess capital (if the capital adequacy ratio (N1.2) exceeds 9.75%) and is ready to distribute capital to shareholders in two ways:
    • dividends,
    • share buybacks;
  • The Bank intends to cancel the acquired shares;
  • The Bank intends to maintain the target level of Total Capital adequacy ratio (N1.0) — not lower than 11.2%, Tier 1 Capital adequacy ratio (N1.2) — not lower than 9.0% (RAS).